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At Cornerstone’s Helm


B.P. Kumar Babu

Chairman & Managing Director

A first-generation entrepreneur, our Chairman Mr. B.P Kumar Babu was instrumental in making us the first land-holding firm to corporatize our business, setting us up as a one-stop solution provider in real-estate.

With his innate understanding of real-estate and strong business acumen, he has built Cornerstone into one of Bangalore’s most successful and trusted real-estate companies. His decisive leadership, competitive spirit and commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction have been a major influence on Cornerstone’s success.

Through novel approaches and strong strategic insight, he has personally overseen and conducted the largest land development deals in Bangalore.

He has helped create numerous trusted collaborations with many respected real-estate clients, thanks to his positive, proactive leadership. He has also been instrumental in forming strategic partnerships with several leading international and local architects, master planners, consultants, contractors and marketers, creating a robust partner ecosystem.

Brand Cornerstone of today is a reflection of Mr. B.P. Kumar Babu’s Vision, Leadership and Client-Centric Values.



Captain K. Srinivas

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Cornerstone, Captain Srinivas is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of the company’s development plans across the residential, commercial and industrial & warehousing sectors. He also spearheads sales & marketing strategy to support Cornerstone’s growth plans.

Captain Srinivas is a leader in real-estate development with 20 years of demonstrated expertise in planning, sourcing & delivering real-estate solutions across global markets.

He possesses an in-depth understanding of the Indian real-estate market. He is experienced in the advisory, transaction management, acquisitions, disposals, investments and many more industry fundamentals. His expertise extends to capital project management, including design & build, financial analysis, lease administration, cost management, partner network development as well as asset management. He has previously advised “C level” executives across organizations in the IT/ITES and banking sectors in defining and delivering strategies and executing best in class multi-million sq. ft. of capital projects globally.

He takes pride in creating environments that foster high-performance and teams that lead change, thriving in an entrepreneurial culture to provide innovative, cost-effective and time-sensitive business solutions.

Kiran Poonacha M.

Director, Land Banking

With 21 years of experience in land aggregation and procurement, Kiran Poonacha holds excellent knowledge of the local real-estate market and deep insights of potential locations.

His acumen when it comes to negotiating and conducting transactions with land owners has led to one success from another, acquiring prime parcels of land for Cornerstone, never once breaching the average acquisition price. He is also the main liason for Cornerstone with key government stakeholders.

His expertise is in ‘the lay of the land’ of Bangalore, from land-related acts to the rules & regulations. He was also instrumental in building a highly competent team comprised of real-estate professionals, land revenue consultants and legal experts who handle the land banking aspects of our business; a team that has stayed with Cornerstone for more than a decade.


Prakash Hegde

Director, Finance

Prakash Hegde is highly-qualified with over 26 years of experience in the finance industry. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) and Fellow Company Secretary (FCS) with an MBA in Marketing, M.Com (Finance) and is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). His previous postings with noted real-estate and IT companies have given him a vast amount of experience to draw from. He is adept at handling the accounts, legal, treasury, taxation (Direct and Indirect), costing, MIS, liaising with foreign principles aspects of business and more.

As the Director of Finance, Prakash Hegde manages financial planning & key decision-making aimed at fostering inorganic growth.


Akshay K. Reddy


With a firm grounding in real-estate, Akshay Reddy is well-placed to head Cornerstone’s real-estate development arm. His exposure to real-estate from a young age has enabled him to gain an in-depth understanding and unique perspective of the industry.

A Business Management (Hons) graduate from Nottingham Trent University, he has a clear & intuitive grasp of the field. Akshay Reddy brings a dynamic, innovative approach to real-estate development, showing his potential as a young leader for Cornerstone.

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