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Going Beyond

Our focus at Cornerstone is to create unique solutions across the real-estate spectrum. While timely delivery and tasteful execution of aesthetically designed spaces is a top priority, we also incorporate global best practices to ensure that future-relevant sustainability goals are met.

Our goal is to be a responsible, ethical organization that adds value to the city’s growth and development ecosystem through robust partnerships built on leadership, trust and delivery excellence.

We are built on a rich legacy of fair, ethical and transparent governance practices with three core tenets at the heart of our philosophy:








Trust & Transparency

At Cornerstone, we aim to build strong relationships through our collaborative efforts. Our goal is to nurture trusting partnerships that last. We ensure full transparency in all our work, from land acquisitions to partnerships with those who work with us, from builders and architects to sales partners.

We craft partnerships meant to last, built on a foundation of trust and transparency.


Superior Design & Aesthetics

Combining stunning designs & thoughtful planning, we create best-in-class products across our portfolio of offerings. Working with experienced project planners and international architects, our goal is to produce world-class developments that stand out across the city’s skyline.


Outstanding Locations

We are highly discerning about our locations and choose strategically located prime land parcels. From being situated amongst the best business districts and popular residential localities, we pick highly accessible areas to develop our properties.


Sustainable Development for Environmental & Community Impact

As a responsible real-estate developer, we believe in paying heed to environmental & community concerns as part of our corporate ethos. Our commercial projects are designed to create sustainable workspaces built to LEED standards and residences that reduce, reuse and recycle to conserve natural resources.

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