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  • I am a farmer from the village and was supporting my family with the meagre income from cultivating my land. This was becoming difficult and I was unable to make ends meet. Selling my land to Cornerstone was the best decision I made as not only did they do the transaction transparently and smoothly but also helped me re-invest the money wisely. Cornerstone also helped me by arranging to educate my son in a boarding school in Ooty. He has now completed his education and is working for an MNC.

    Mr.Muniswamy Reddy

  • I am a milkman and had only 5 guntas of land. Cornerstone advised me to invest my money correctly by buying two sites on which I have built a house with the help of a bank loan. I have now rented the house to a software engineer and am able to get a steady monthly income.


  • I am a widow from Sorahunse. I was left with my husband's ancestral property and because of lack of knowledge I did not have any of the land documents in order. People had encroached on the land and I was not able tosell nor cultivate it. I approached Cornerstone and they helped me with the documentation and got the title cleared in my name enabling me to sell the land. I invested the money by buying two water tankers and am now running an established business supplying water to the apartments nearby.


  • I had a piece of land in Varthur but there was no access to the road from the land parcel, hence I was not able to sell this land to anyone. By the grace of God, Cornerstone approached me as they were buying a large parcel of land for their project and my land was a part of this. They offered me a fair price and also ensured a smooth transaction. With this money I was able to get my two daughters married. Cornerstone helped me to invest the balance amount in a property far away from the town and now I have shifted there. I have cultivated the land and continue being a farmer and enjoy my life with my grandchildren.

    Chandra Reddy and family