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  • Headquartered in Bengaluru, India

    Cornerstone is a leading property group that has partnered India's top real estate developers in becoming a significant part of the development ecosystem. Regarded a pioneer in land holding, the company holds the distinction of being counted among the largest owners of real estate in Bengaluru with a development portfolio that will total over 15 million square feet within the next 6 years.

    Cornerstone is the first land holding firm to corporatize its business and transform into a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION-PROVIDER for land banking.

    Cornerstone's underlying framework is rooted within the perspectives of strong knowledge driven processes, robust partnerships and deep business insight. Each endeavor is based on transparency, trust and safeguarded by the company's high standards of professionalism and ethics. With focused capabilities and unmatched competencies, the company's vision is to deliver vibrant, new, living and working environments that are 'Beyond Standards'.

    Headquartered in Bengaluru, India

  • An exciting array of offering at prime locations comprising

    Our strength lies in astuteness in reading the market and providing exemplary project and master planning. Over the years, Cornerstone has had successful engagements across a broad range of real estate clients. It has also entered into strategic partnerships with leading international and local architects, master planners, consultants, contractors and marketers to foster a robust partner-ecosystem.

  • B.P Kumar Babu

    Chairman and Managing Director

    Mr. B.P Kumar Babu is a first generation entrepreneur who has successfully helmed Cornerstone Properties Pvt. Ltd. and a host of other enterprises within the real estate sector. Ethics, values and foresight have underpinned all land and development initiatives within his purview.

    Mr. Kumar Babu hails from a family that has been involved in land banking for over three decades. This wellspring of knowledge across generations has contributed to his innate business acumen and abilities. Cornerstone’s business advantage bears testimony to his single-minded dedication and an unrelenting commitment to his goals. As Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Kumar Babu brings to the table an entrepreneurial approach, which consistently provides fresh thinking and strategic solutions.

    His comprehensive background includes complex stakeholder engagement and value driven negotiations. He is equally skilled at leveraging industry knowledge and strong business acumen to identify new opportunities and see them through to completion. Further, he is a well-known and respected member of the professional community.

    Through his decisive leadership and competitive spirit, Cornerstone has grown into one of Bengaluru's most successful and trusted real estate companies. He has led the company's transformation into becoming the first land holding firm to corporatize its business and change into a professional 'one-stop-solution-provider' for land banking.

    Under Mr. Kumar Babu's direction, Cornerstone has had successful engagements with a broad range of respected real estate clients. It has also entered into strategic partnerships with leading international and local architects, master planners, consultants, contractors and marketers to foster a robust partner-ecosystem.

    A firm believer in Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction, Mr. Kumar Babu enabled each line of Cornerstone's business to develop its own rhythm, with key people at the helm. He created core competencies across individual business segments, and provided them with the right direction to achieve excellence. With a positive, proactive leadership style, Mr. Kumar Babu instils confidence in his team and partners. His quality driven approach ensures all projects are completed to the highest standards.

    The Cornerstone brand that he created, is today one of the best land banking brands in Bengaluru, attracting stalwart companies to partner with it, as it forges ahead.


    B.P Kumar Babu

    Chairman and Managing Director



    Mr. Kiran Poonacha comes with a rich experience of 21 years in land aggregation and procurement. He possesses excellent knowledge of the local market and a good vision on location potentials. He is exceptionally sharp and skilled in concluding transactions with land owners, and has never breached average acquisition price in all the locations for Cornerstone till date.

    He is the custodian of relationship with all key Government stakeholders. He is an expert on all land related acts, rules and regulations in and around Bengaluru. He has played a pivotal role in successfully building a competent team of Real estate professionals, Land Revenue Consultants and a Legal Team to handle every facet of land acquisition at Cornerstone Properties.






    Mr.V. Madhu is a 1978 batch officer of the Indian Administrative Service and belongs to the Karnataka Cadre. He brings to Cornerstone 40 years of invaluable experience. He has held multiple positions as an IAS officer. Mr. Madhu has been Joint Secretary at the Cabinet Secretariat in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Managing Director at Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation, Principal Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka in the Infrastructure Development Department while holding concurrent charge of MD at Bengaluru Airport Rail Link Ltd., Principal Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka in the Revenue Department among a host of other prestigious positions.

    In the private real estate sector, he has worked with Purvankara’s Provident Housing as Managing Director and was CEO at Krishna Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd. He has played a fair bit of cricket in his younger days, loves to read management books and plays golf on holidays.




    • Our Mission
    • Our Vision

    At Cornerstone we strive to serve our customers’ needs and consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value to the community. We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and long-term decision-making. At Cornerstone, we continually endeavour to provide top quality service which is enabled by our staff of well-trained real estate professionals. Cornerstone is an innovative and people-oriented organization providing individual opportunity, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all our employees.

    • Our Mission
    • Our Vision

    Our vision is to create world class working and living environments, combining the best applicable international design and construction management standards with local delivery capability. We look to build long-lasting relationships with our clients in order to always be their agent of choice. At Cornerstone, we endeavour to achieve the highest possible standards in the real estate market while establishing ourselves as the premier and preferred real estate partner.

  • At Cornerstone our philosophy on Corporate Governance is founded upon a rich legacy of fair, ethical and transparent governance practices. We achieve this by adopting the highest standards of

    Although we are a privately held Company, the ethic of corporate governance guides our actions and behaviour in the corporate sphere. We believe in openness in all our operations which breeds an atmosphere of credibility, trust and transparency.

    Going beyond the letter of the law and walking the part of good governance, we strive to create an organization that is

    “Beyond Standards”.

    From our onset, we have been building our business on the foundations of strong beliefs and deeply held values of how we work as individuals. We truly believe that people make a company what it is, and a company’s values come from the people within.

  • We are a company who passionately believes in creating a better future for people and communities through:

    • Developing intelligent property solutions which add value
    • Exceeding our customers’ expectations
    • Providing certainty of delivery
    • Creating products and projects that stand the test of time

    Cornerstone’s underlying framework is rooted within the perspectives of strong knowledge driven processes, robust partnerships and deep business insight. The amalgamation of these three factors is the core driver of Cornerstone’s growth.

    For our developments to embody value, we ensure that they include:

    • Superior design and aesthetics
    • Outstanding locations
    • Excellent environmental and community outcomes

    Customers are given the opportunity to experience the most modern and advanced project designs and value driven processes. We strive to meet the ever changing lifestyle needs through innovative ideas, committed support and definite long-term value creation.

  • With exposure to international architects, global standards, and futuristic design, employees are encouraged to learn, share their creativity and constantly upgrade their skills & talents. Investors and Partners will grow with the company as they share our success and consolidate a joint future, bright with higher ROI’s and exponential expansion. The Management is motivated by exciting leadership opportunities and empowered to deal with the challenges of navigating the future.

    Finally, it means that the company’s peers will also strive towards greater excellence by example, which would result in the inevitable raising of industry benchmarks and creating productive partnerships.

    These mantras have been our guiding light and transform Cornerstone into one of Bengaluru’s most inspirational and leading property companies. Cornerstone is focused on being at the very centre of reshaping and revitalizing living communities.

  • Cornerstone Green : Fostering responsible preservation, enhancement and protection of our built and natural environment.

    Cornerstone has initiated Cornerstone Green, a social initiative that is formed to value add social and environment concerns of Bengaluru. We are concerned not just with the creation of wealth, but also concerned with its redistribution to aid social causes. Its responsibility is not just to its immediate stakeholders, but also to the community in which it functions.The initiatives that will be undertaken under Cornerstone Green include:

    • Rejuvenating lakes.
    • Maintenance of parks.
    • Promoting and encouraging local talent.
    • Creating a safe and social environment.
    • Providing employment opportunities to local people living in the surrounding areas of the projects undertaken.
  • Rejuvenation and Maintenance of the Indiranagar BBMP Park

    Junction of 100ft. Road & CMH Road

    Bengaluru earned itself the sobriquet of a Garden City years ago, much before it became the IT hub of India. However, it doesn't take a keen eye today to see that Bengaluru's 'garden city' image has become but a legend of yore. There are of course little oases that you spot every now and then, especially in the CBD areas, but most of them have fallen prey to vandals, are polluted or are simply unkempt. Efforts are a few and scattered in restoring these little patches of green, but they are out there nevertheless

    At the junction of the CMH Road and 100 Ft Road in the heart of Indiranagar, the Indiranagar Park stood in the midst of a residential community that shuddered at the thought of stepping into it over the past several years now. Poor lighting, local garbage dump and wild and tall weeds made the park fall to complete disuse.

    As a part of our mission to make a difference to the community at large, we at Cornerstone decided to do up the park. The sole purpose was to redo the park in such a way that the residents of Indiranagar feel proud to call it their own.

  • Work began in the month of September 2012 and in just a span of four months, today the park has been transformed from a dark and dingy corner to a green, well lit lung space for all age groups.

    While the Indiranagar Park may be functional in so many ways, the attention to aesthetics is worth mentioning.

    The raised platform that plays home to the monolith as you enter, gives you a bird's eye view of the park. When it is lit up in the evening, it adds a sense of depth to the space and makes it much warmer. All the greenery you see around is unobtrusive and a brilliant mix of flowering, herbal and foliage plants makes the entire place soft and in varying shades of green.

    You will find stone pillars placed close to the senior citizen area that are a throwback to ancient times in history and symbolize standing the test of time. The wind chimes in the trees give you that zen feeling when you are here.

    Cornerstone has paid attention to every detail in the creation of a green space for everyone to enjoy.

  • The Park Before

    The Park After

  • Construction of Open Auditorium and other improvements

    The Government Higher Primary School, Sorahunse, Varthur, Bengaluru

    • As a part of Cornerstone's CSR initiative, we have undertaken the construction of an open auditorium for the children of the Government Higher Primary School on their school premises.
    • The school is government aided and is for children studying from Std. 1 to Std. 8 in English and Kannada medium.
    • The construction of the auditorium is completed and is 4000 sft. approx. with a stage and green rooms.
    • The purpose of constructing this auditorium is to help the school conduct assemblies, organise activities for the children in large groups, hold concerts & various school programmes under one roof and also provide a space for the children to have their mid-day meal.
    • The auditorium could also be used to house exhibitions of the work done by the children thereby giving them an opportunity to develop and showcase their talents and exhibit their creativity.
  • The Government Higher Primary School, Sorahunse, Varthur, Bengaluru

    • Apart from this, we have also donated computers to start a computer lab for the children.
    • A water purifier has been installed on the school premises to ensure that the children have clean drinking water.
    • To encourage the children in sports and physical activity, we have constructed a half basketball court on the school grounds.
    • A cycle stand has also been constructed on the premises of the school.
    • We have also taken steps to enhance the look of the school building and the grounds by painting the main building, landscaping the garden area and painting the compound wall with artistic drawings which will be of interest to the children.
  • Varthur Government Higher Primary School


  • Installation of Water Purifier

    Basketball Court

  • Cycle Stand

    Computer Lab

  • School Signage

    Compound Wall

  • Students at the School

    Staff at the School

  • High Mast Construction & Muthsandra Village Centre Improvement

    • In line with its corporate philosophy of giving back to society Cornerstone has been undertaking various community development activities in and around Muthsandra Village. This has not only enabled us in enriching the socio-economic fabric of the local region but has also ensured that the local people are now able to access public transport within comfortable environs.
    • The Muthsandra bus terminus area was located at a cross roads that was unpaved and unlit. People using the facility were faced with numerous hardships. The lack of lighting made it quite unsafe for women, children and old folks as climbing in and out of busses during the evening hours became rather precarious. During the monsoons the road would turn into a virtual watery quagmire exacerbating a bad situation.
    • Cornerstone approached solving this problem through a two-pronged approach. First the issue of lighting had to be addressed. Cornerstone undertook the construction of a High Mast pole with a top angle lighting source that would provide bright lighting to the surrounding village centre area. This would provide excellent night-time visibility for vehicular and pedestrian movement. The next step was to alleviate the road issue by asphalting the central junction thus ensuring that all movement in and out of the central area of the village was smooth and hassle free.
    • The village residents are pleased with the solution and are grateful to Cornerstone Properties for their dedication to the residents of Muthsandra.